Thursday, March 21, 2019

Birthday Card with Miss Kate Cuttables and Mickey!

I am making a quick pop up card with Miss Kate Cuttables. I decided on making a mouse card for someone who loves going to Disney. I love the simple pop up element I used in this card.

Before we get into the instructions on making this card, click HERE to get your daily freebie at Miss Kate Cuttables!!

I used a couple of Miss Kate files: Mouse Uppercase Alphabet and Mouse Balloons.

I did a print and cut with the Mouse Balloons and cut out several balloons. I then went to THIS website to make my pop up element. I used a normal A2card base and inserted the pop up element in the center. I then covered the panels of the inside of the card with some yellow mouse paper I took out of a Disney scrapbooking pack.

I added the balloons I cut out to the pop up element and then went back to my Cameo 3 to cut some letters. I used the Mouse Uppercase Alphabet to type out "Happy Birthday". I then added the sentiment to the inside of my card.

I then use some more goodies from my Disney scrapbooking pack and decorated the front of my card and I was done!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Miss Kate Cuttables March Challenge

Today I am doing the Miss Kate Cuttables March Challenge: Shamrock or Clovers

Before we get into the project don't forget to get your DAILY FREEBIE over at Miss Kate Cuttables.

I have been getting into making wine glasses and mugs lately. I am going nuts for vinyl!! I love to make gifts for my friends and family with personalized items. Vinyl is the way I do it!! Who doesn't love a personalized mug or glass?? Well.....I know I do so I made this wine glass for St. Patrick's Day!! (I am not a drinker but love to use them for sparkling cider and other punches.)

I used the following cut files from Miss Kate Cuttables:  Miss Gwen Font and St. Patrick's Day Title

If you don't like this font or my choice of shamrocks there are many others to choose from over at Miss Kate's. 

I selected my favorite font, found my favorite saying and off I went. I typed my saying in my Miss Gwen Font and sized it in my Silhouette Cameo 3 editing program.  I added in my shamrocks and then copied it TWICE on my digital mat.

I selected the wording and deleted all of it. (Don't worry, we still have the words on our other copy) That left only the shamrocks. I grouped them and moved them to the top section of my mat. This will be cut out of green vinyl.

Take the second design and remove the shamrocks and group the letters. This will all be cut from black. This procedure makes vinyl layering very easy.  Don't change anything on either of these files except removing the items I told you to. Place this design to another part of your mat away from the shamrock images. Next load your vinyl. Add black to the wording area and green vinyl to the shamrock area.  Cut out these items in one pass through your Cameo 3 or whatever program you use.

Make sure you clean your glass surface or items is clean and finger print free. I use a alcohol wipe and clean my surface and let it air dry. Then I place a clean towel on my table and then lay my glass (in this case) on the towel so it won't roll around and I can see my placement clearly.

After cutting out my vinyl make sure you weed it. Then use some transfer tape and lift the black vinyl on one piece and lift the shamrocks with another piece of transfer tape.  Lastly, add the black wording to your items and then add your green layer. Make sure you rub the vinyl down to get a good adhesion.

That's it!! Now enjoy your new wine glass with a small glass of something!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Miss Kate Cuttables and Vinyl

Happy New Year!! I have a bunch of new items to use this year so stay tuned for some great projects!!

Today I am doing a vinyl project for Miss Kate Cuttables. I want to remind you to head over to Miss Kate Cuttables for a daily FREEBIE!!

I did a adorable "love" saying with vinyl. It is layered but EASY to do. I had 2 shades of blue so I did the heart in blue. You can choose any colors or just do it with one layer of red.

I purchased the file called "Word Love Set" from Miss Kate Cuttables. This idea can be done with just about any word set so look around and find one you like. (My directions will be for the love file but the idea is the same for all.)

Open up your favorite cutting program. I used the Silhouette program to cut it with my Cameo 3.

As you can see above I took the layers apart and placed them on my mat in three places. Each item is a different color. This way I can cut them all with one pass through the cutter. I placed a piece of black vinyl at the top left large enough to fit the image "love". I then placed the two layers of the heart in the top right and bottom right of my mat, just like in the image above. I set my cutting tool to "vinyl glossy" since my vinyl is glossy and then hit "send". The machine cut them out beautifully. (I also want to mention I placed squares around each of my images for easier weeding.)

After I cut the items out I weeded them (weeding means to remove all the extra vinyl you aren't going to use for the project.) Then take some transfer tape and lift off the darker heart. Place it over the black heart space on the word "love" and adhere. Next, lift off the lighter heart and place it over the darker heart. This makes it easier to place it on the curved surface if all your layers are already on the project.

Lastly, make sure your item is clean (if using glass, use some alcohol to wipe the area down to remove any finger prints, oil from your hands or any dust) and lift the whole design with your transfer tape and adhere to your final project. Make sure you rub the vinyl down to get good adhesion. For a bonus, the tiny heart that was cut out of the larger heart, I place it at the end of my "e" for a little pop of color at the end.

That's it! Project done and ready to use!!

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Mardi Gras and Miss Kate Cuttables

Today I have a fun decoration for Mardi Gras!! It is the monthly challenge for Miss Kate Cuttables. I have to admit, this one was a thinker!! Miss Kate Cuttables currently does not have a Mardi Gras selection but taking some items from a few sets I came up with this goodie; I hope you like it!!

Before we get into the project, click HERE to get the daily freebie over at Miss Kate Cuttables.

This hat is cut from the "Windy Snowman" file. Make your hat as large or small as you like. I made the image of the hat fit on a 12 x12 sheet of purple cardstock. I cut the hat band out of green cardstock and then moved on to the embellishments.

I couldn't find a fleur de lis so I used a "Flourish Accent". I cut it out of yellow cardstock and then used some glue to spread over the item and then added some gold glitter. This is messy but Ilove the look and it adds the shinny element that makes this decor scream, MARDI GRAS!!

I did some research into Mardi Gras and found a strong tie with skull and bones. So, I incorporated a fun "Skull and Crossbones" set that I thought was cute.  I cut them out of some bone cardstock and added some shadows with some grey and black to make it complete.

Cutting the feathers was a challenge because Miss Kate has many to choose from. I finally decided on this "Feather Set". I loved the two tones in them and the white tops!! I used various shades of purple, yellow and green cardstock. I also cut the beads from "Pile of Presents-Boy" using the same colors as the feathers.  I took the balloons middle layer to make my "beads". You can chose to use the white highlights if you want some added layers. I chose not to.

I then glued all my embellishments to my main hat piece and back the whole thing with some strong cardboard and added a hanger and I was finished!!

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Part 2 of Miss Kate Cuttables Print and Cut Cards

Today is part 2 of the "Print and Cut" series with Miss Kate Cuttables. Check out part one HERE.

Before we get into the project, don't forget to go HERE to get your daily freebie from Miss Kate Cuttables.

This card is using the items we printed out in part 1.

I simply added my pieces to a simple base card and added some decorative paper to complete my Valentine's day card for my husband!!

I chose to add pop dots to my elements instead of cutting the elements out of the card base.

It is just as dramatic as the other card in part 1 but easier to assemble.

I added some glitter pen to all the hearts and the sprinkles to give it some glitz!

That's it!! Thanks for stopping by!!
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Monday, January 7, 2019

Miss Kate Cuttables Challenge for January "Anything Goes"

Hi! Today I have a 2 part post. Tune in Thursday, January 17th for the rest of this post and to see the other card made with this technique!!

Before we get into the directions of how to make these cards, pick up your FREEBIE over at Miss Kate Cuttables!!

This technique can be use with ANY Miss Kate Cuttables set. When you need a quick card and don't have a lot of time to put into it,  this is the technique for you!! I picked 2 sets:

You Complete Me and You've Got A Pizza My Heart

Add the set you are wanting to use to your favorite cutting program. I am using Silhouette and my Cameo 3 to cut it out.  I placed all my items within my "print and cut" area and printed it on matte photo paper. I find this gives me the best printing results. This is the "print" part of the process.

After I print my items I go into my program and trace all the images and get it set for the "cut" part of my print and cut. I then proceed to cut out my printed images.

This is what my mat looks like after I weeded out all the paper around the images and I now have all the elements I need to make 2 cards!!! I will show you the second card on Thursday, January 17th, 2019 so check back to see that project using the elements above!!

I decided to make this card a bit more dramatic by adding up some pop up elements. This is easy to do and makes it look like you spent a lot of time on this card. Only you and I will know how easy it was to complete.

I cut some pop up elements in my card. You can do these by hand or use die cuts or even svgs and your die cutting machine. I used some metal dies I had. Be sure to cut your decorative paper at the same time to save some steps. This is how the card looks without the decorative paper.

Add your die cut elements and you are finished. I used some pop dots to pop up my sentiment also!

This is the front of the card. I keep the front simple when I have a lot going on inside the card.

Print and Cut makes this card a breeze to complete. Give it a try!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Miss Kate Cuttable's Spinner Winter Card

HI!! I have a great interactive card today. It is a spinner card! I used some great files from Miss Kate Cuttables.  Before we get into the project, don't forget to get the FREEBIE of the day!!  Now on to the project!!

I used the "Christmas Penguin" file to cut the penguin two times. I flipped the one penguin horizontal. Then I used the Swirl Snowflakes Digi Paper to make a piece of paper to fit the front of my card. I sized it 1/4 inch smaller then my A2 card. My digi paper finished size is 4 x 5.25 inch.

I designed my card all on my Cameo 3 by Silhouette.  I made my penguins about 2.5 inches tall and made my hole circle larger, about 3 inches in diameter so the penguin can spin freely. I placed them all on my digital mat and cut all the images at once.

I laid a piece of clear thread across the hole and taped it very securely with scotch tape. Then I placed the thread between the two penguins and glued them to each other. Lastly, I added the digital paper on top and my card was finished. For the sentiment I used, " Winter Word Titles". 

I didn't like the cut I got with the snowflakes on the sentiment so I had to hand trim them off. I also hand trimmed the white border. I cut the words at a length of 4 inches so the snowflakes were too tiny to have all the details in the snowflakes cut properly. If your cutter is up for the challenge, then leave them on. It is your choice!! I also added some Wink of Stella to the letters for a glistening effect. I used foam adhesive to pop up the sentiment when I was finished.

To use the card, you spin the penguin over and over like 30 or 40 times and then shut the card and place it in the envelope. When the recipient opens the card, the little penguin will spin wildly in the opening!! It is great fun for children (and I enjoy a spinner card, truth be told!!).

That is all I have for today! Thanks for joining me and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter!