Monday, January 8, 2018

A Journey in Bible Journaling with Joy Clair, "Call on the Lord"

Welcome to my first installment of A Journey in Bible Journaling. I am brand new to it and if you ever had in interest in doing Bible Journaling, follow along as I find out the do's and don'ts of Bible Journaling.
First pick your Bible. I purchased mine off Amazon. There are many Journaling Bibles out there, find the one that is right for you.

A Look inside:

Below is my first page using the "Call on the Lord" stamp set from Joy Clair.

Bible call on the Lord

As you can clearly see, it isn't the best but it is a start. The first page is always the hardest to do. I learned a few things with my Bible page that I would like to share with you. (I am not saying that everything I try will work in your Bible pages, all Bibles are made with different papers and you will have to try yours out. I suggest you see if there are any blank pages in your Bible and pull them out. Use these for all your experimenting. Use as little space as you can so you can try different mediums in the space you have. Keep these in the back of your Bible inside a page protector. Make sure you use a pen to mark each "trial" so you know what works and what didn't and what medium looks like on the papers. )
  1. I used Versafine ink. I do NOT recommend using this ink if you are doing more then stamping an image. It smears, takes a long time to dry and does not work well with other mediums. I suggest StazOn. It comes in many colors and is waterproof. 
  2. I colored my image with colored pencils. This is a fun medium to use on the correct ink. I had smearing with the Versafine but with StazOn you will not have that problem. I love to color and using pencils is like going back to basics. It is relaxing and easy to carry if you want to do your Bible Journaling on the go.
  3. Glitter pens. I think glitter pens are a MUST for Bible Journaling. I LOVE the sparkle it gives to all my lettering and doodling.
  4. Washi tape is fun to add for color, to put over mistakes or to fill in some blank space. There are a million colors and patterns of washi tape so you can go crazy adding it to your pages!
  5. Distress Inks. I want to add color to all the passages I have read. This way I know what I have read and what I haven't. I tried using distress inks this time. They worked very well. I just need to work a bit light handed so it will blend more smoothly next time. Distress inks come in all kinds of colors so I know I will have lots of choices when it comes to shading my text. It is also easy to see though. I am sure you can find other inks that will blend over text, just make sure you test an area before you commit to a large area. 
  6. Highlighters. I tried the old tried and true highlighter that I had laying around but as you can see, it looks like I am crossing out words and not highlighting them. I found out that if you use "gel highlighters" you won't have that problem. I have purchased them and waiting their arrival. I will have them ready to go for my next Bible Journal post. 
  7. Inking. If you are into fancy doodling that I was told Pitt pens. They come in all sorts of sizes and won't bleed though your paper. I have not tired the Pitt pen myself but I have Micron pens and they seem to work just as well.
Well, that is all I have for now. I hope you like my first installment of A Journey in Bible Journaling!! Until next time, Happy Crafting!!


  1. Thanks for the tips, Jenny! Your page looks great! I've subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to following you on your Bible Journaling Journey! :o)