Friday, February 26, 2016

Guest Designer for Miss Kate Cuttables

This is Jenny Fruchey from Jen's Crafty Place. I am very honored to be the Miss Kate Cuttables Guest Designer for today!

I don't know about you but anything Rudolph brings back such wonderful childhood memories for me. Since Christmas is over, I have a great winter card for you! Snow Yeti is that wonderful Abominable Snowman from Rudolph. It is a great addition to scrapbook pages or cards but I decided to make HIM my actual CARD. If you don't know how, just follow along!

1. Open the file in your favorite cutting software. I used my Silhouette Cameo and Make The Cut.

2. Select the WHOLE file and pull the bottom right handle to size the yeti to 5.25 inches.

3. Select the solid yeti. In the pic above it is the green image. Move all items off the cutting mat and move the green yeti on the mat. Select "copy" and "paste in place" then "flip". Without moving it, use your "up arrow" on your key board to move the new copy of your yeti up until just the top is overlapping with your original yeti.

4. Select the two yetis and use the "weld" key to weld both snowmen together to form the base of your card.

5. Cut the card base out with white card stock and cut all other pieces out in their respective colors. (One light blue, one grey and one white.) The Yeti file is color coordinated but if you need some reference use the jpg included in your file purchase. (You do not need to cut out the Christmas trees or the snowflakes for this project.) I grouped each item by color so you can cut them out at the same time. Either arrange each color group on a mat and cut or arrange each group on a section of the mat and cut all together.
6. Add some black paper behind the light blue face. (The holes for the mouth and eyes.)
7. Glue all layers together. Start with the white base, add the light blue layer with the black added to the back, next the grey layer and last the white.
8. Add the eyes, nose, teeth and tongue and you are DONE!

This technique for making the base card can work for all kinds of files. Have fun playing with your images! Use them for more then just embellishments for cards; use them AS your cards! People enjoy getting special shaped cards. Give it a try!


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